Announcing Rendez-vous Featured Guest Speaker: Right Reverend Richard Bott

The Rendez-vous 2020 team is excited to announce a featured speaker: Richard Bott, Moderator of The United Church of Canada!

Born in Marathon, ON, on the traditional and unceded territory of the Biigtigong Nishnaabeg, and ordained in 1994, the Rev. Bott has lived his life “as a beloved child of God” within the United Church. He has served communities of faith in Ontario and British Columbia, most recently Pacific Spirit United Church in Vancouver, and is well known for his skills as a leader, writer, and educator, and an active user of social media.

Moderator Bott is passionate about the possibilities that we have in front of us as a church, and encourages all of us to ask and attend to both the pain and the joy that is being expressed, and then to take action on what we’re told. Entering the role of Moderator at a time when significant changes to church structures are underway, he believes that the purpose of those structures is to help the wide diversity of communities of faith across the church live into their ministries.

He is also taking on the role at a time when the Executive of the General Council has defined the triennium’s focus as one on discipleship, a focus he welcomes. “I believe that each of us needs to explore what this faith in God means to us; and what Jesus means to us,” he says. “As we explore it as individuals, I hope that we can find way of exploring it as communities of faith and fellowship.”

Announcing Rendez-Vous Featured Guest Speaker: Maricar Delfun

The Rendez-vous 2020 team is excited to announce a featured speaker: Maricar Delfun!

Maricar P. Delfun is a Pastor of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines currently on special assignment as Program Coordinator of the Regional Ecumenical Council in the Cordillera. She is also the newly elected Co-Coordinator of the Association of Women in Theology. She has been in development work since 2005 and has an experience in organizing work within the ecumenical circle and the indigenous peoples. She is an indigenous woman from the Tingguian tribe of the Cordillera, Northern Philippines and an advocate of the indigenous peoples’ collective rights and for environmental protection and integrity of creation. She is also the convener of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines – United Church Workers Organization of the North Luzon area. She obtained her degree of Bachelor of Ministry from the Ecumenical Theological Seminary and a Certificate in Christian Education.

Banff National Park

The very first national park in Canada and a gem that people travel to from around the globe is just 1.5 hours from Calgary and is in the heart of the majestic Canadian Rockies. It is home to some of the most amazing natural landscapes you will ever see. From Banff’s humble beginnings as a 26 square kilometre hot springs reserve, Banff National Park now consists of 6,641 square kilometres of unparalleled mountain scenery nestled in the heart of the magnificent Canadian Rockies.

Find out more at the Banff National Park website

The Royal Tyrrell Museum

Alberta is home to one of the largest dinosaur hotbeds on the planet. Many dinosaurs have been discovered right in Calgary’s backyard. We also have a world-famous dinosaur museum located just 1 hour away from the city. The Royal Tyrell Museum is home to one of the finest dinosaur fossil collections on the planet and is in the heart of Alberta’s badlands.

The Royal Tyrrell Museum is Canada’s only museum dedicated exclusively to the science of palaeontology. In addition to housing one of the world’s largest displays of dinosaurs, the Museum offers a wide variety of creative, fun, and educational programs that bring the prehistoric past to life.

Learn more at the Royal Tyrrell Museum website.

Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park

Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park is a world-renowned cultural, educational and entertainment centre built for the promotion and preservation of the Siksika Nation Peoples’, Language, Culture and Traditions. It is located just an hour and a half from Calgary.

Enter a stunning facility and embark upon an unforgettable journey as you delight in fantastic Exhibitions and dazzling Performances, and enjoy an exciting, authentic, Blackfoot cultural experience.

Find out more at the Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park website.