Rendez-Vous: Spread the word!

We need your help spreading the word about Rendez-Vous 2020. You can use the materials here on your website, in printed bulletins or to make your own flyers and announcements.

Rendez-Vous Logo

Our logo is fabulous! A shout-out to our design team and our graphic designers for helping to make Rendez-Vous look great.

Rendez-Vous Logo

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Rendez-Vous Logo Text

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Rendez-Vous 2020 Wordmark

Save the Date Card

Did you miss our Infopac save the date card? You can print your own or share the file.

Recruitment Flyer

Did you miss our Infopac Home Group Leaders recruitment flyer? You can print your own or share the file.

Statement on Indigenous Participation

We honour

At Rendez-Vous 2020, we honour the Indigenous communities, past and present, who have shaped and continue to shape the identity and mission of The United Church of Canada. We recognize Indigenous communities of faith as equal partners in The United Church of Canada.

We celebrate

We celebrate the important contributions of the distinctive cultures, languages and spiritual traditions of Indigenous peoples to witness and ministry of the church. We affirm the important role of young Indigenous people in leading the church towards respect, understanding and justice for all peoples and communities sharing the land.

Statement on Inclusion and Diversity

We Affirm

Rendez-Vous 2020 recognizes the contribution of many peoples and cultures in the body of Christ. We affirm that all are welcome to participate in witness and celebration of the ministry of Jesus Christ, regardless of race, national or ethnic origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, family status, genetic characteristics, and ability.

We recognize

We recognize the gifts and contributions of all in constituting the body of Christ. We recognize the courage of those who seek to join with us in celebration, and we commit to creating inclusive, accessible spaces that respect, welcome and reflect the cultural, ethnic, linguistic and gender diversity of The United Church of Canada.