Pack your bags

and get ready to live a once

(or maybe twice, or maybe three times)

in a lifetime experience.

Rendez-Vous 2020

Supported by your generous donations to Mission & Service.

Rendez-vous 2020: Faith Gone Wild!

Rendez-vous, a Mission & Service supported event,  brings together youth (entering grade 9 and up to any age), young adults, and their leaders from across the country (and beyond!) for a celebration of vibrant music, inspiring speakers, and dancing like there is no tomorrow.

  • celebrate the bold faith of The United Church of Canada with hundreds of your new best friends
  • explore how brave space creates opportunities to learn, to share, and to celebrate new relationships
  • experience the brazen grace of a living community of hope and inclusion

We’re busy working behind the scenes getting everything ready, so start packing and get ready to experience your faith gone wild!

About the Event

The audience

We expect up to 700 attendees, including participants, volunteers, guests and leadership. Programming focuses on young people, split roughly between youth (age 14-18) and young adults (age 19-30).

The audience consists mainly of young people who are members of or associated with The United Church of Canada, a progressive Protestant Christian denomination in Canada. (For more about The United Church of Canada, see

Rendez-vous 2020 is supported through generous donations to Mission & Service.

The theme, “Faith Gone Wild”

Rendez-vous 2020 supports young people in The United Church of Canada and beyond as they live out a bold and unapologetic faith in the ministry of Jesus Christ. Three thematic threads hold together our vision of faith for a new generation.