Meet your Rendez-vous Design Team!!!

The Design Team on Hoth. No tauntauns were harmed at this meeting. From left to right: (Front Row) Jesse, Julian, Julia, Vicki, Nathi, (Back Row) Amy, Alana, Tyson, Kulu, Jeff, Terry and Springwater. Not pictured, Tony (we missed you!).


Julian Monroe, AKA Jules, JuJube, King Julian: Crazy is the game and Jules is the name. Count on this one for all the answers no one else could ever think of. 

Vicki McPhee, aka: Tricky, McPhabulous: Local Arrangements Chair, organizer, list-maker, direct. Knows niceties are important but why? Needs tea always.


Amy (staff), aka “The Boss”, aka “Amazing Amy”: Vision, strategy, calm. Also, Raffi.

Springwater and Terry, aka “Thelma and Louise”, aka “The Queens”: Travel, logistics, outreach, activism, inclusion, making space for everyone, they do it all.

Tyson (staff), aka “Captain Webz”, aka “The guy with the hair”: Webmaster, writer, hand-wringer and the guy who forgot to get a room for Julia and Springwater at the hotel. It all worked out, guys, give it a rest.