Welcome to Calgary!

Calgary is situated at the confluence of two major rivers and the centre of a diverse environment. Where else in the world can you go West and meet the grand Canadian Rockies, go East and see the badlands, go North and meet the prairies, and go South towards the desert? Where else can you see such a diversity of life, of environment, of people; all within an hour of your doorstep?

This is Calgary, this is our city and our home. We are blessed to live in one of the most diverse places in the world where we can climb a mountain, experience the openness of a prairie sky, and watch the Northern Lights from the top of a hoodoo all in one day.

But the diversity goes beyond the landscape. Calgary is home to people of every race, culture, creed, religion, political opinion, gender, and sexual orientation. We are a city where any and all can feel welcomed and can have their voice be heard. Fourteen of the cities’ UCC congregations are Affirming (and many more are in the process). We are home to a large First Nations population, with the Tsuu t’ina Nation to the West and the Siksika (Blackfoot) people to the East. Calgary’s ethnic communities are large and very active, with celebrations and festivals honouring their cultures and traditions happening nearly every week during the spring, summer, and fall.

As of 2011, 28% of Calgary’s population are newcomers, and that number has certainly grown since the last census. We also have a deeply interconnected multi-faith community thanks to the Calgary Interfaith Council who were winners of the 2017 King Abdullah II UN World Interfaith Harmony Week 1st prize.

Calgary’s culture is changing. We are no longer just an oil city. We are a city dedicated to public art, to live performances, to festivals, and to community gatherings. Every weekend during the spring and summer there is a festival to attend, many with an international flair. We are also home to over 6,000 restaurants, theatres, and patios. Calgary is home to Globalfest – an internationally renowned fireworks competition, the Fringe Festival, the Folk Festival, and the Calgary Stampede – aka the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth – just to name a very small percentage.

We have a new entertainment district opening that features the National Music Centre, a brand new 240,000 sq ft central library, and art and live music galore. There is a new international contemporary art gallery being built, the world-renowned Glenbow Museum, Canada’s second-largest zoo, and the second-largest Science Centre.

The University of Calgary

The University of Calgary is the perfect location for RDV2020. It’s a massive university campus, all contained on one site, with residences and our meal/plenary space only being a 10-minute walk from each other. No need to navigate city streets! And should you need to travel anywhere in the city, the university is connected directly to the city’s vast c-train system.

UCalgary also offers a beautiful campus, with plenty of outdoor green space and an onsite active facility that participants could access with a day pass. This includes a gym, squash courts, swimming pool, and a full rock climbing gym. Catering is handled on-site by the University of Calgary and can feature meals that cater to all dietary restrictions. UCalgary is also the centre of one of the country’s leading multi-faith centres – the Faith and Spirituality Centre – which houses 23 representatives from various religions. This is where the United Church of Canada’s campus ministry, YYC Campus Ministry, operations are based.

Learn more at the University of Calgary website.

What to do around Calgary

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