How am I going to pay for Rendez-vous?

It might seem like getting to Rendez-vous is out of reach. But there are lots things that are important and hard that we cannot do alone. Remember: Going to Rendez-vous isn’t just about you. It’s about being a part of a community across Canada and around the world.

  • Rendez-vous is bigger than you. Who can help get you there?
  • Rendez-vous is more than just three days with friends. How are you making a difference in your community, and how will going to Rendez-vous empower you to do more?
  • Rendez-vous is about your community, too. How can you help those in your community, even if it is not money you have to give?




Vision Fund Rendez-vous 2020 travel pool

We’re here to help

  • Use our RDV2020-Fundraising Support to plan your budget, work on letters and help plan fundraising for Rendez-Vous.
  • Reach out to your regional youth, young adult and family ministry leadership. They may already be organizing fundraising activities or have ideas to get you started.
  • Talk to leaders in your community and let them know why Rendez-Vous is important to you. Use our Promotional Resources and other materials on this website to let people know how going to Rendez-Vous will help you to make a difference in your community.