What is it?

  • The Vision Fund has provided a block of funding to support participants who need help getting to Rendez-vous.
  • As a result, the Vision Fund Continuing Education Bursaries will not be available to fund participation at Rendez-vous.

How it works

  • Apply for funding.
  • Pay your own way to Rendez-vous.
  • Funding will be allocated after Rendez-vous based on the number of applications received.
  • Maximum funding is based on geographical distance:
    • Chinook Winds: Rendez-vous is in your backyard! Funding in special circumstances only
    • Living Skies, Prairie to Pine, Pacific Mountain Region: up to $100
    • Western Ontario Waterways, Shining Waters, Antler River Watershed, Horseshoe Falls, East Central Ontario, Canadian Shield, Eastern Ontario Outaouais: up to $150
    • Northern Spirit, Nakonha:ka, First Dawn Eastern Edge, Fundy Lawrence Dawning Waters, Region 15: up to $200
  • We cannot guarantee funding for all applicants, or that maximum funding will be available.

Who can apply?

Anyone who plans to attend Rendez-vous can apply. Please note that the aim of the Travel Pool is to help those who otherwise would not be able to attend. Before you apply, consider the following questions:

  • Have you done everything you can to raise funds on your own?
  • Do you and your family have a financial need?
  • Are there others who need support more than you do?

What are special circumstances?

  • We recognize that regional councils cover huge areas. If you are coming from a regional or remote area, you may need to travel just to travel. Or, if you have accessibility requirements, you may need to make special arrangements that are more expensive.
  • Let us know if you have any special circumstances and we will do our best to take them into account.

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